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If you are looking for the best care for your shoes as well as other products made of leather, such as hand bags, garments, home furniture, luxury car seats, boats, motor bike seats and jackets then look no further.

We offer the internationally-acclaimed leather care brand COLLONIL. Made in Germany since 1909 and used by people in over 100 countries. Try these market-leading products for yourself.

Keep your shoes and leather articles looking elegant with a reliable brand …..COLLONIL

You will also find a series of products that promote the health of feet and help relieve foot pain. It is said that some 80% of the human population experience some kind of foot discomfort caused by various factors - ill-fitting shoes, fallen arches, spurs etc.

The PEDAG foot supports have been awarded American Podiatric Medical Association (APMG) recognition as health promoting foot care products.
The PEDAG brand foot care products are made in Germany.

Give your feet a treat with PEDAG, an international brand under the motto ‘Prime quality’


1909 leather cream

High quality nourishing cream for smooth leathers. Cont...
Apply evenly with sponge applicator or cloth. Let dry a...

$14.95 View Detail

Classic (size 36 to 46)

The comfortable foot support equipped with a soft latex...

$36.95 View Detail

Relax (size 36 to 46)

The comfortable foot support with metatarsal pad and pr...

$35.95 View Detail

Viva Medium Arch (size 36 to 46)

Premium quality for your feet: the anatomically shaped ...

$49.50 View Detail

Viva Mini Cowhide (size 36 to 46)

The highly vitalising supporting insole, Made in German...

$35.95 View Detail

Viva Sneaker size 36 -47

 The fresh & light Viva Sneaker foot support h...
 Remove any foot support provided and then insert ...

$33.95 View Detail
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